Alison Potter

RN, BScN, CHPCN (C). Pronouns she/her

Alison graduated as an RN in London, England in 1985 and immigrated to Calgary in 1986.  During her 35 year career, Alison has spent over 20 years as a palliative home care nurse, on the acute care palliative consult team, as Director of Care at Rosedale Hospice and as a palliative consultant for a proposed new hospice in the Bow Valley.

Alison believes in the power of knowledge, support and palliative care to ease the transition from life to death. Talking about death and dying helps demystify death. That the transition from life to death for yourself, friends and loved ones can be a smoother path when you are empowered by information and support.

Alison is a leading expert in the Calgary palliative care community and hosts seminars, talks and discussion groups where she shares openly about her lifetime of experience with death and dying.

Her goal is to leave a professional legacy by sharing her in-depth wealth of knowledge of palliative care resources rich with anecdotal stories from the bedside.

Seminars by Alison