Death Whisperers

As western society re-examines its death-denying attitudes towards death and the subsequent care of the dying, a new role has started to emerge.  This emergence of “Death Gurus”, “Death Doulas”, or “Death Midwives”, presents both obstacles and opportunities in the support given to the dying as well as to the health care system.  The focus of this seminar will be on the role and personalities of the traditional care-givers such as Physicians, Nurses, Health Care Aides, Chaplains, and Grief Counsellors as well as the emerging roles of the Death Whisperers and how these two approaches work together.  We will explore the changing definitions and relationships between Religion and Spirituality in our society and explore together whether the ancient “Shaman” is still present with us today and if so, then how is the Shaman present as we care for and help the dying through their transition.