Palliative Resource Seminar Virtual 10:30 AM

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08/22/2022 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

This 2 hour seminar is a resource based seminar rich with anecdotal stories. You will learn what resources are available in Calgary for those diagnosed with a palliative illness, those who are journeying with them and resources for support after the death of a loved one. This knowledge can be used for yourself or for a loved one or friend; now or in the future.

You will receive an emailed resource list with resources available in Calgary, Alberta and an updated list will be sent to you twice a year.

Stories from the bedside will be interspersed with “Top Ten” lists related to communication for friends and family during and after the illness and death of a loved one. Resources for managing the death of a family pet, understanding funerals, the value of a “death binder” will be some of the topics covered from a resource based perspective.

And ultimately, finding the joy in living our best life.

This seminar is Virtual!

Details will be sent upon registration.