Expected Outcome Seminars

Seminars are conducted by health care professionals and affiliated staff with expertise and experience of palliative care in Calgary.

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Palliative Resource Seminar

Resources available in Calgary for those diagnosed with a palliative illness.
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Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada​ (general public)

This two hour seminar will discuss Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada.
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Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada​ (For those in health care)

This two hour seminar is directed to those working in the health care field.
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Practical Comfort Care

Seminar is provided by Laurel Wilson, Palliative Health Care Aide and Alison Potter RN.
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Meet a Death Doula​

Chelsey and Alison discuss the role of a Death Doula.
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Rituals in Life and Death​

Blair will share the importance of rituals in life and death.
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Complicated Pandemic Grief

Facilitate rituals that have been missing during Covid-19.
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We Remember

Open to those wishing to remember a loved one - a direct consultation for your needs.
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Deathbed Phenomena: Real or Imagined?

Explore the meaning of deathbed phenomena to those who experience them.
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Walking the Mammoth Trail

Exploration of anticipatory grief when diagnosed with a life limiting illness.
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Death Whisperers

The role and personalities of the traditional care-givers.
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When the Mammoths are no more

Seminar on grief and bereavement following the death of a loved one.
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Palliative Care.
What does this mean?

Explore and discuss many issues that you may face on this journey.
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Pain and symptom management

We are good at this. Not perfect but pretty darn good.
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The Art of Dying

This will be a creative class for expression and exploration.
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Book Club

Join me to explore the book “Being with Dying” written by Roshi Joan Halifax.
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Dating after Death

How does this make you feel? Too early after the death? You’ve waited too long?
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Grief Cafe

Join me for this 90 minute gently guided time.
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Movie Night

Join with like minded people who enjoy watching movies.
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Signs from our Loved Ones

Seminar about the significance of signs and sharing of experiences during the loss of a loved one.
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